friends of aids orphans of africa
friends of aids orphans of africa
friends of aids orphans of africa
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Our mission is to strive to give disenfranchised AIDS Orphans a chance to grow up healthy in body, mind, and soul and to pursue their dreams alongside others in their natural environment.

Our goal is to contribute towards meeting the basic needs of Africa AIDS orphans including food, shelter, clothing, and education needs, as well as providing physical, social, and psychological support.

To effectively utilize your dollars once you do sponsor a child in Africa, we collaborate with local partner institutions in Africa that provide AIDS Orphans with the opportunities to get back on their feet and start more productive and joyful lives. 

FADOA’s Community Program supports and builds partnerships with local organizations, who are working to directly avert the spread of HIV & AIDS, and to improve the treatment, care, and support of people infected with, or affected by HIV/AIDS. FADOA’s current HIV & AIDS projects & partnerships are taking place in Africa, particularly in areas where there are extremely high rates of HIV infection.

Our Articulated Theory for Social Change
The focus of most HIV/AIDS assistance programs in the continent of Africa is in the large cities and towns, to the negligence of remote villages that are in fact the final destination of city dwellers suffering from AIDS. These remote villages have become the “epicenter” of the pandemic and are overcrowded with graveyards of relatives brought in from the cities and towns to die. Orphans are abandoned in the villages after the death of their HIV infected parents who returned from the cities and urban slums to die. Others die in the cities and the lucky ones have their remains sent back to the villages by relatives.

With the spread of AIDS pandemic in Africa, there has been an upsurge of street children in most urban areas. A good portion of them are HIV/AIDS orphans who have made their way into the city in an attempt to elude a life of poverty and hardship in the rural areas. Without skills, adult guardians or mentors, they end up in the streets, brothels and gangs as a way of etching a living. Sooner than later, they themselves become victims of HIV and AIDS. Much like their deceased parents, it becomes a matter of time before they return to their rural areas to die. 

FADOA will contribute to social change through its activities that seek to curb the influx of destitute children into urban streets from the rural areas. It seeks to offer an alternative way of life by supporting their education and equipping them with practical survival skills. This way, FADOA seeks to break the vicious cycle of HIV and AIDS by fighting poverty through nurturing and equipping with relevant tools those orphans most likely to become street children and therefore easy victims of the killer disease. PLEASE DONATE NOW
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Our Africa AIDS Orphan Mission